Join Hassan Thomas, Founder and CEO of the brand — FYI FLI (For Your Information: Financial Literacy & Investing), as he discusses exciting ways to help millennials build healthy relationships with their finances. You’re never too young to empower yourself with knowledge and information designed to enhance your life. Hassan Thomas and co-host Remy G are passionate about empowering their peers. In the podcast, you’ll hear them discuss strategies for saving, budgeting, investing, taxes, retirement, and tackling all forms of debt – especially the kind that impacts students. 

By understanding how to manage and strategically attack student debt and credit, you are on track to breaking generational poverty cycles that may be plaguing your family and community. In this new podcast, Hassan and Remy keep it real and informative to help you drive solutions to discover financial freedom and success. 

Listen in as we uncover the essential tools needed to straighten out your finances and help you realize a better financial future. 

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